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What’s a Blitz?

Blitzes are intense, fun, hands-on sessions, that produce a portfolio of small bets to address challenges that matter. Imagine an Ocean's 11 of the innovation elite meets TED meets Stanford d.School meets hackathon meets startup black belts. Imagine getting months of work done in three days. Imagine coming up with solutions together that we could not conceive of on our own. Imagine learning the frameworks, language, and tools that you'll need to conquer biology and culture to escape the status quo—everyday.

You’ve just imagined a Think Wrong Blitz.

What to wear

Dress for comfort, we mean it. We'll be up on our feet, down on the ground, and even out and about—so tennis shoes or equally comfortable footwear is encouraged. Jeans and t-shirts are welcome (that's what we'll be wearing), shorts and kilts are good too. 

Oh and... if you wear a tie, dress shoes, or some other artifact of a place of business you will be ruthlessly mocked. And uncomfortable.

Sorry—we're really going to miss you, maybe next time.

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