Pet Services and Tools

Pet services and tools are advancing to help manage the lives of pet owners and the pets they love. Pet accommodations have grown to include personalized pet care, apps, and social media accounts that provide happiness to pets and relief to busy pet owners. How might we use the core values of these services to create a deeper connection? What aspects of these tools might we steal and pair with the latest technology for an even better experience?



Trusted Pet Care


Pets, places, and possibilites

Furlocity does the legwork for pet parents, identifying and vetting qualified pet-friendly hotels, pet boarding facilities or pet services (grooming) for your dog or cat. Furlocity’s website is quick, easy and convenient to use. In 3 simple steps you can search, compare and book with any of our pet care providers in your area or our 42,000 pet-friendly hotels in the U.S. - anytime 24/7.



The Love And Care Your Pup Deserves


What can Worthee do for you?

Passionate, professionally trained dog walkers, sitters, trainers and bathers. Our top priorities are caring for our members' dogs and homes as if they were our own. At the core of who we are is a philosophy that embraces the question, 'Have we done everything possible today to ensure a happy dog and a happy member?' Our philosophy and appreciation for the genuine value of dogs as true companions inform every decision we make.


Bark Box

A Monthly Box of Dog Goodies

Join the other happy dogs enjoying BarkBox!

Every month we paw-pick fun toys, healthy treats, and innovative gadgets that will drive pups bonkers! Simply tell us how big your dog's bark is, we've got goodies for every dog size. Choose a deliver plan for your pup, 1, 3, 6, or 12 month plans available includes free shipping (cancel any time). BarkBoxes are shipped on the 15th of each month. Get excited. Bark Box is a proud supporter of 3,000 rescues, shelters and dog-ruvin' non-profits.



Your Dog's Social Life


Socializing your dog just got easier.

Bark is the first mobile app for man’s best friend. We provide fellow loyal and loving dog owners with a user-friendly tool that will, ultimately, enrich your dog's social, physical and mental needs.

With Bark you can grow your pet's social groups (No more sad eyes!) and create a community of friends for them where they can sniff, meet (and re-meet) and get to know other dogs. This type of positive exposure will help them flourish in their environment. Our mission is to share the loyalty, companionship and love our dogs give us everyday with others and to create a global social community that appreciates these wonderful four-legged creatures.



Because Dogs

Pack is connecting the dog owners of the world.

We love dogs and how dogs make humans better. We love connecting people who love their dogs. We love making their lives happier and simpler. We love living and working with joy. Pack connects dog owners and dog lovers alike on a social media site made just for dogs. Create a Pack or profile, follow Packs of specific breeds, and make friends. 



Keep Your Animals Safe And Poison-Free

Help from the ASPCA.

In 2009, the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center handled more than 140,000 cases of pets exposed to toxic substances. The Petoxins application is compiled from the ASPCA’s expert team of toxicologists in an effort to keep your dog, cat, and horse safe and poison-free.

Petoxins is a searchable database of plants reported as having an adverse affect on the health of dogs, cats, and horse, details for each toxic plant including alternate common names, its scientific name, an image of the plant, and a list of potential symptoms if ingested. If your pet has ingested a poisonous substance one-touch dialing to the ASPCA Poison Control Center is available on the app.


Paws Like Me

Adoption Match 


Personality is more than fur deep.

Pet rehoming options are slim, difficult, emotional, and limited. Everyone is eligible to post their pet for adoption on PawsLikeMe. We will help every pet find the right home and donate up to half of the adoption fee to a non-profit pet rescue or shelter. Yup that’s right; you rehome your pet without guilt and simultaneously support a good cause.

PawsLikeMe creates a complex matching score by combining four core personality quadrants for canine and human and then applying scoring weights based on environmental and special factors combined with pre-filtering based on your specific needs.


Dyson Groom

Groom. Suck. Gone.

Mess-free grooming for medium and long haired dogs.

After using other grooming tools, you often have to clean the room, then the tool, and then yourself. The Dyson groom tool removes hair directly from your dog – before it’s shed around the home. Collected hair is then sucked straight into the vacuum. 

The Dyson groom tool has been engineered to remove loose hair in fewer strokes, making grooming more comfortable for your dog. It also removes dead skin cells as well as loose hair– capturing allergens and stopping them from spreading around the home.