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You have been selected to attend the BLITZNAME Blitz. We would be honored if you could join CLIENT, PARTNER, and an elite group of collaborators in CITY, STATE on START to BLITZ CONTEXT.

You and your fellow Blitzers have been chosen for your growth mindset, leadership, knowledge, perspective, insights, curiosity, and ability to build with others. We would love you to be a part of this event to generate ingenious solutions to the challenge CLIENT is facing:


We look forward to Thinking Wrong with you.


Thank you.



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Where and when will we Blitz?

The BLITZNAME will be held on DATE in LOCATION

What’s a Blitz?

Blitzes are intense, fun, hands-on sessions, that produce a portfolio of small bets to address challenges that matter. Imagine an Ocean's 11 of the innovation elite meets TED meets Stanford d.School meets hackathon meets startup black belts. Imagine getting months of work done in three days. Imagine coming up with solutions together that we could not conceive of on our own. Imagine learning the frameworks, language, and tools that you'll need to conquer biology and culture to escape the status quo—everyday.

You’ve just imagined a Think Wrong Blitz.


Watch Our Blitz Process.

Think Wrong to Achieve Impact.

Together we will:

Dream about the difference we might be able to make.

Seek fresh inspiration for status quo–busting ideas.

Imagine what’s possible beyond the biases and orthodoxies that hold us back.

Build to gain greater clarity about the potential of our emerging solutions.

Learn through doing and decrease innovation risk.

Share what we learn and the insights we gain to speed up our time to impact.

Conquer the status quo.

We have run Think Wrong Blitzes for companies, universities, foundations, and nonprofits—from Microsoft and J.P. Morgan, to the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, Notre Dame, and the City of New York—and time and again, when we teach people the Think Wrong Practices, magic happens. People defy the pull of status quo. They conceive the inconceivable. They foster change and create a result that both makes them proud and makes a difference for others.

Language, frameworks, and tools to Think Wrong.

We're going to give you the tools to imagine and identify the solutions that deserve to be explored and developed as well as the frameworks and language to defend nascent solutions against the naysayers. We're going to teach you techniques to move from debating to doing and show you how to use what you learn to accelerate solutions that have impact. 


Please contact us with any questions regarding the Blitz.

Thank you.