Uber (1)


Work that puts you first

What started as an app to request premium black cars in a few metropolitan areas is now changing the logistical fabric of cities around the world. Whether it’s a ride, a sandwich, or a package, we use technology to give people what they want, when they want it.

For the women and men who drive with Uber, our app represents a flexible new way to earn money. For cities, we help strengthen local economies, improve access to transportation, and make streets safer. When you make transportation as reliable as running water, everyone benefits. Especially when it’s snowing outside.

Pokémon Go (2)


Gotta catch ’em all.

The world has become Pokemon obsessed over the last week. That’s because a new game for mobile devices was released called Pokemon Go. And it’s a very big deal. In under a week it has become the most popular mobile game of all time. It’s also surpassing well-established companies like Twitter in daily active users, and trouncing app darlings like Whatsapp and Snapchat in the amount of time users spend in the app each day. The game, which marries a classic 20-year old franchise with augmented reality, allows players to walk around real-life neighborhoods while seeking virtual Pokemon game characters on their smartphone screens—a scavenger hunt that has earned enthusiastic early reviews, and has Added $7.5 Billion to Nintendo's Market Value in two days.

Four Seasons (3)


Experience Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

We have chosen to specialize within the hospitality industry by offering only experiences of exceptional quality. Our objective is to be recognized as the company that manages the finest hotels, resorts and residence clubs wherever we locate. We create properties of enduring value using superior design and finishes, and support them with a deeply instilled ethic of personal service. Doing so allows Four Seasons to satisfy the needs and tastes of our discriminating customers, and to maintain our position as the world's premier luxury hospitality company.

Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our people. We believe that each of us needs a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what we do. Because satisfying our guests depends on the united efforts of many, we are most effective when we work together cooperatively, respecting each other’s contribution and importance.

Task Rabbit (4)


We do chores. You live life.

It’s one thing to hire help around the house. It’s another to hire someone you can trust. Taskers undergo an extensive background check and in-person on-boarding before joining the TaskRabbit community. They’re professional, highly rated, and always ready to lend a hand.

TaskRabbit connects you with the same-day help in 3 simple steps. Select from a list of popular chores and submit your request, choose a same-day appointment or a future time with time that suits your schedule and we’ll match you with the right Tasker for the job. Manage your booking directly in the App—chat with your Tasker, get accurate arrival times, and pay electronically in the App when the task is complete.

Warby parker (5)


Frame your world.

Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses. By circumventing traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price. We believe that buying glasses should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. We also believe that everyone has the right to see. Almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses, to help address this problem, Warby Parker partners with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. There’s nothing complicated about it. Good eyewear, good outcome.

Ford Mobility Motoring (6)


Do what moves you.

Ford has a team of social scientists that study interactions between people and their vehicles. Ford Mobility Motoring makes it easier for people with disabilities (and those who care for them) to choose, finance and customize vehicles to fit their individual wants and needs. Their biomaterials team strives for sustainable transportation by working to create interiors out of renewable materials like old money, wheat, and cigarette butts. Ford has also paired up with Sony to create the perfect car acoustics, and parents to develop new-driver safety features. Ford has initiated a series of innovative ‘Smart Mobility’ experiments to understand values, dynamics, and limitations of different cities and people to help change the way the world moves. 

Red Bull (7)


Red Bull gives you wings.

Pioneering energy drinks in the face of big soda three decades ago, Red Bull is now the world sales leader. Red Bull is largely based on associating its brand with a wide range of teams and events, and has been able to turn this buzz machine into a profit center. Activities they are involved with include wake boarding, motocross, music events, and their flagship Flugtag contest that has been held all over the world 35 times attracting up to 300,000 spectators. Although all their activities are high energy, there are two brand personalities of Red Bull: the serous athlete excelling in difficult challenges, and the fun-loving, humorous “Red Bull gives you wings” persona. Red Bull is exceptional in telling their brand story in compelling, involving ways. This adventurous spirit is a reflection of Red Bull’s freewheeling corporate culture that built an enviable performance record over the last 25 years.


Belong Anywhere

Airbnb allows customers to list, discover, and rent lodging all around the world. The company offers a unique travel experience and somewhere new to call home for a while. Customers easily search online or on the Airbnb App to connect with people and their homes in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. Along with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to rent their extra spaces to an audience of millions. Airbnb hosts offer their homes and amenities to guests while providing local knowledge to create an experience that their guests would never encounter with traditional lodging. When people book with Airbnb they feel at home, no matter where they are.



Save money. Live better.

Walmart is making a lot of progress in adapting its big-box approach to the 21st century and has become the second largest online retailer in the U.S. after Amazon. By giving workers raises and investing heavily in tech, its U.S. division has improved customer service and saw comparable sales rise each quarter in 2015. It is hoping to build on that with a major reset of its food business, which accounts for more than half of its sales, with a bigger focus on organic and fresh food, and by offering curbside order pick up. The retailer has also proven it can hold its own with the tech giants, by rolling out out Walmart Pay across the every single one of their 4,600 stores in the U.S. as they continue to work towards a more streamlined shopping experience for their customers.