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Our Think Wrong Drills provide step-by-step guidance for imagining, building, and executing status quo busting solutions to your challenges and opportunities—big or small.

We’ve developed hundreds of Think Wrong Drills and have selected one of our best for each practice so you can try it out. Each drill gives you countermoves to the most common and tenacious biological and cultural challenges. 

These drills have been successfully implemented by everyone from the young designers who gave birth to PieLab in Belfast, Maine, to senior leaders at the White House, and teams of intrapreneurs disrupting the Global 1000 from the inside out.

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Be Bold Drills

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When you need to escape the biases, orthodoxies, and assumptions that define the status quo—and that limit the impact you might have.

Blitzer Robbie Vitrano crafts a moonshot with his team at a recent Think Wrong Blitz. 


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