EMAIL ALL allows you to communicate with many Blitzers at once.

“Invitation” allows you to invite all uninvited Blitzers.
“Pre-Blitz” sends a reminder to all confirmed Blitzers.
“Custom” allows you to send a unique message to all confirmed Blitzers.

Invitees will be asked to RSVP from their personal invitation page. If they have not blitzed with us before they be sent a second email with a temporary password and a request to change their password when they login to Think Wrong Lab.

By using the following keywords the system will merge in the approriate information:

  • NAME—your name
  • BLITZER—the name of the person being emailed
  • CLIENT—the name of the client organization
  • PARTNER—then ame of the partner organization
  • BLITZNAME—the name of this Blitz
  • BLITZDATE—a block showning the dates, start and end times for the Blitz
  • BLITZID—the id for the Blitz, useful if you are building navigation links e.g. will build a link to the overview for this Blitz
  • SUPPORT—a block containing the information for the client and partner support staff
  • BLITZLOCATION—the city and state of the Blitz
  • CHALLENGE—the Blitz challenge

An email will be sent to all those who are listed as attending.

Attendance Summary

Candidates Invited Attending
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Hide catering details.

Catering Summary

Date/Time Meal Total

Dietry Requirements

Requirement Name
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Hide t details.

T-shirt Summary

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