MIKEREPORT Blitz Challenge


MIKEREPORT Blitz Challenge



On June 30, 2016, leaders from Danfoss gathered in Half Moon Bay for the Build a Rocket Blitz. The Blitz was designed to provide inspiration and learning on how and what Danfoss may do to power internal innovation and change.


Our objectives

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Desired outcomes

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MIKEREPORT Blitz Approach

MIKEREPORT Blitz Approach

Think Wrong

We used a variety of Think Wrong Drills to leverage our learning and experience from the previous 2 1/2 days to create a portfolio of small bets that start to answer the hardest questions which stand between us and venturing along a bold path of change and innovation.


Why Driving Change Is Hard

Two powerful forces work against us—biology and culture.

All of us find ourselves on the predictable path of how things have been, how things are, and how they will be. This status quo is forged by the synaptic connections in our brains and our cultural beliefs, biases, orthodoxies, and assumptions.

But if you are not content with the predictable path, you dare to look beyond the status quo. You imagine different outcomes than the one the predictable path leads to. So how do you forge a bold path? How do you take the Einsteinian and Steve Jobsian leap into the uncertain and unknown?

Our best leaders and employees fight the powerful biological and cultural forces that conspire to force them back onto the predictable path. They find ways to blaze a bold path—and to resist snapping back to business as usualwhen it matters most. 

To keep from losing to the norm, we need to be able to deflect from the status quo and protect ourselves from the biological and cultural forces trying to pull us back in.


The human brain is amazing. It locks in what we experience and learn on the fly. This learning builds neural pathways that enable us to make quick, shortcut decisions and to take action without thinking or having to relearn simple tasks. This is good. Imagine if we had to Google “How to brush my teeth” every morning.


The complications that arise from how we’re biologically wired are compounded when a collection of brains works this way. Group think becomes group belief. Group belief becomes dominant culture. What’s acceptable, normal, and expected conspires against anything that lies outside the shared beliefs, biases, orthodoxies, and assumptions of the organization, community, tribe, state, or nation.

If we want to go from A to Steaming Round Thing, we need to trick our brains. We need to let go of our beliefs, biases, orthodoxies, and assumptions. We need to start solving from a brand-new place. We need to unleash our inner Picassos.

Practice Mismatch.

Right tools. Wrong problem.

There is an obsession—from schools, executives, and consultants—with best practices, optimization, ROI, and metrics. These have become the standard by which we’re told we should measure ourselves and our impact. 

When we are certain which problem to tackle, and we know how to solve it, Think Right Practices are useful. They help eliminate waste, improve quality, scale solutions, and increase productivity.

But Think Right Practices provide the answer to a very small subset of challenges—those for which we are certain of the problem and know the solution. Thinking right is wrong when we’re seeking solutions beyond the status quo.

When it comes to discovery, innovation, and changing the game, adopting the mindset of a scientist or an artist with a hypothesis is much more likely to yield insights and new possibilities than conventional, Think Right Business Practices.

To successfully navigate the uncertain and unknown, we need a new language, new frameworks, new techniques, and new tools.

Think Wrong Practices


Dare to make a difference.


Find fresh inspiration.


Expand what’s possible.


Gain insights through making.


Discover what works.


Achieve impact sooner.


Think Wrong Drills

Anchors & Rockets


Love & Loathe
Steal Like An Artist

Name It

Learn From Investment
Do It on Monday

Matters Most
Asset Jam

New New





Every Output Is an Input

Each Think Wrong drill produces useful output. Documentation of our work provides a rich collection of ideas and insights to mine as we move forward. 






Like An









Matters Most

We considered who might be most important to our success—and who our success might matter most to. 

We used Matters Most—a Move Fast drill—and uncovered a new way of understanding who we should make solutions for — breaking down categories and understanding who really matters most if we want to make our clients become heroes to their clients—making us indispensable.


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Love & Loathe

We discovered what's wrong in a relationship, and what's right—helping us identify the pain points we can solve to drive positive change.

We used Love & Loathe—a Let Go drill—to recognize that a bad starting point can be used to make something astounding. The drill gives us:

  • An inventory of improvement opportunities.
  • Increased empathy

Team 1


Name: The Immortal Machine (TIM)

Tagline: Promising perpetual perfomance 

NameIt_The Immortal Machine (TIM) from Future on Vimeo.

Team 2


Name: Starship “Entreprise”

Tagline: To boldly go where Danfoss has not gone before.

NameIt_Starship Entreprise from Future on Vimeo.


MIKEREPORT Blitz Resources

MIKEREPORT Blitz Resources

Thinking wrong produces valuable resources for the challenge your Blitz was designed to address—and other challenges you might be facing. 


Future provides Blitzers with access to the Think Wrong Lab so you can get maximum value from the resources we have generated together. 

Click OVERVIEW below and log in to the Lab for a quick recap of the purpose of the Blitz.

Click BLITZERS below and log in to the Lab to see who participated in the Blitz.

Click GUIDE below and log in to the Lab to access the final guide for the Blitz. Learn how to run a drill by clicking it in the Guide.

To view the complete collection of photographs, videos, and audio files documenting your Blitz, click MEDIA below.

  • Media is organized by Think Wrong Practice and Drill. Folders titled B Roll or In Action contain photos of Blitzers working together. Folders titled Output contain detailed documentation of what was produced through the drill.

If you cannot remember your password for the Think Wrong Lab, click Get New Password on the login screen and one will be emailed to you.

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