New Energy

New energy companies are emerging to change the energy industry. These Companies are embracing the world's much needed shift towards a different kind of energy. They exhibit leadership by enabling renewable energy in their products, services, and ways of promoting a brighter futureWhat questions do these technologies incite that will have the biggest impact on our challenge? 



Turn Sunshine Into Savings


We Are Not a Bank, We Are a Marketplace.

Marketplace lending is more efficient, so we bring the investors that believe in clean energy to borrowers like you. Mosaic customers invest in solar projects sited on top of schools and other locations, and earn a rate of return that beats many investment vehicles in the market today. Revenue from the solar generation is shared between the investor and employed to offset the customer utility bill.

Mosaic's Mission is to empower millions of people to prosper from the benefits of clean energy. We are part of a global movement to build a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable economy. Imagine a world where every rooftop is a solar power plant and every ray of sunshine a source of power.


Tah. Mah. Lah.

Sustainable Living

Building and living for the environment.

Beyond sustainable, in an ideal world, every house would be environmentally regenerative, seamlessly integrating into its ecosystem, highly efficient, producing more energy than it consumed, restoring habitat, saving and repurposing water, reducing and reusing waste, reclaiming materials, eliminating its own and its occupants’ total carbon footprint (including transportation). Tah. Mah. Lah. represents an exciting summary of what building green can amount to. Special care has been taken across every dimension of this green building: energy, materials, 
water, and habitat. Every aspect of the creation of this house is intended to have a minimal environmental impact and hopes to have a restorative effect, while still providing an environment appropriate for our family and the broader community, organizations and functions we support.



Premium Electric Vehicles

Tesla is not just an automaker, but also a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation.

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport. Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers in Silicon Valley who wanted to prove that electric cars could be better than gasoline-powered cars. With instant torque, incredible power, and zero emissions, Tesla’s products would be cars without compromise. Each new generation would be increasingly affordable, helping the company work towards its mission: to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport.


Ice Energy

Energy Storage Doesn't get Cooler Than This

Clean Technology. Cleaner Communities.

Ice Energy’s proven Ice Bear® system is the most cost effective and reliable distributed energy storage solution for the grid. The Ice Bear delivers up to six hours of clean, firm, non-fatiguing stored energy daily and is fully dispatchable by the utility. Ice Bear projects are job engines, creating long-term green jobs in the hosting communities.



Solar Power to the People 

Be the change you want to see.

Solarcoin is a digital currency created as a means of rewarding solar energy generation. The technology behind Solarcoin is similar to Bitcoin but with a charitable twist: photovoltaic facility owners receive Solarcoin by generating solar electricity. Solarcoin can be redeemed with participating merchants or exchanged for other currencies at a number of online exchanges.


Project Sunroof

Google helps people install solar panels in their homes

Mapping the planet’s solar potential.

In August 2015, Google introduced Project Sunroof. The initiative was launched to help US residents install solar panels and save energy: people simply enter their address into the website and are instantly given a personalized roof analysis. Using the technology behind Google Maps, the analysis takes into account the amount of solar power a roof could generate as well as how much money could be saved on energy bills. The project began in Boston, San Francisco and Fresno.



Server-generated heat used to warm homes

This is the cloud you are looking for

In March 2015, Netherlands-based Nerdalize announced a field trial with energy company Eneco to install the Eneco eRadiator in five homes. The eRadiator contains a computer server, the heat from which can provide heating for a home. Nerdalize pays for the energy to run the eRadiator, providing the home heating for free, and sells access to the computing power of its distributed network of servers to businesses and knowledge institutes looking to perform complex calculations.


Solar Roadways

Replacing traditional road surfacing

Imagine the possibilities.

Developed in the US, Solar Roadways is a modular paving system of solar panels that can be replace any traditional road surface, from parking lots to sidewalks. The panels absorb light that can be used to generate renewable energy and are fitted with heating elements that can melt snow and ice. In June 2014, Solar Roadways raised more than USD 2,200,000 on Indiegogo, more than double the initial funding goal.



Your Building is Alive

Measure, monitor and score your building’s performance.

July 2014 saw LEED (the Green Building Council certification system) unveil the LEED Dynamic Plaque: a resource-tracking dashboard created in partnership with US-based design agency IDEO. Allowing companies to ensure that their building is eco-efficient, the digital scoreboard is updated in real-time, monitoring energy, waste, water, transport and human experience. Data displayed can also be compared with previous data sets, encouraging companies to improve their performance.



Purchase Good Energy, Directly

Working to reinvent the ways you purchase clean energy. 

Our ambitions go beyond simply connecting consumers and producers and play an important role in the transition towards an autonomous energy supply. "We see entrepreneurship as a means to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy." 

We've built a platform which allows individuals to buy electricity straight from a local farmer with excess electricity production from solar PV panels or biogas-to-power installations. Forget farm-to-table food; this is farm-to-meter power. The website allows you to pick from different producers, each featuring a high-quality picture and a small story about their farm, betting on the trust component to change how people pick their electricity producer. In this example, farmers receive a higher compensation from the platform per unit of electricity then they would selling their power to traditional utilities.