SSALT Blitz Approach


SSALT Blitz Approach

Think Wrong

We thought wrong about why the SSALT matters, how we might work to achieve impact, and what we might do to achieve it.


Think Wrong Practices


Dare to make a difference.


Find fresh inspiration.


Expand what’s possible.


Gain insights through making.


Discover what works.


Achieve impact sooner.


Think Wrong Drills

Deflection Point
So That...

8-Word Impact
Milestone Making


Love & Loathe
Loathe to Love


Picture Me
The Big Yes!
Name It
La Machine
In a Box


Learn From Investment

Matters Most
Moments That Matter
Impact x Doability

Stack It
Waypoints 3-Year
In or Out

Waypoints Incubation


SSALT Blitz Outcomes

SSALT Blitz Outcomes

New insights, sharper focus, better alignment, greater impact.


The Sub-Saharan Africa Leadership Team had an open and strategic exploration of our deliverables, team effectiveness, ways of working, and processes.



Strategic Framework

Strategic Initiatives 

in Action



Next 7


Our Strategic Framework

The SSALT Strategic Framework emerged over the course of the 3-day Blitz. Our framework describes:

  • Why what we do matters.
  • How we will achieve our desired impact.
  • What we will do to achieve impact. 

Our reason for existing:

Why what we do matters.

We lay the foundation for sustainable models of healthcare delivery that provide far greater access to Roche diagnostics and treatments for far more patients.

Our desired impact:

The value we create.

For Society

Patient needs are met

Patients continue to benefit and live longer

African youth have the coverage they need

Tailored solutions are sustainable

Trust increases and medical tourism decreases

For Stakeholders

A shared agenda

Maximum support among all stakeholders

Prioritization is achieved

Access is maintained for the long term

Society has access to healthcare via a strong infrastructure

Government commitment and funding are sustained




For Roche

An easy solution for Rx/Dx across the value chain

A long-term solution

More patients benefit from all innovative medicine

We are a respected business partner (internal and external)

We prevent corruption

Roche’s motivations are not questioned

A long-term business presence

Employees believe and deliver their best for personal growth

Accelerated learning for employees

Employees are prepared to move on to other roles

Our strategic pillars:

How we will achieve our desired impact.


We will transform society through sustainable healthcare.

We will collaborate with stakeholders to save African lives.

We focus on growing successful businesses—for Roche and our partners.

Our ways of working:

How we go about doing our work.

With Society

Embrace and celebrate ambition, aspirations, and success

Partner with governments

Assume good intentions

Be patient centric

Respect local differences and diversity

Seek sustainable solutions


Deliver real value





With Stakeholders

Seek opportunities to engage

Focus on doing the right things

Set realistic targets

Call each other

Learn continuously


With Roche

Define, share, and live a SSA vision, mission, objectives, and approach

Act to build trust

Be compliant, ethical, open, transparent, fair, and sustainable

Show commitment now and to the long term

Communicate well with teams

Plan better

Accommodate change

Take risks to develop the potential in people

Plan for succession

Seek training opportunities for employees

Operate in a way that is holistic—One Roche (Rx+Dx)

The big shift:

What we are trying to change.

For Society

For Patients

From patient access limitations
To access to innovative medicines 

From lives lost without previous diagnosis and treatment
To early treatment and patient network platform,
and available resources associated to communicable diseases

From healthcare systems will worsen
To earlier diagnosis for disease 

From patients remain at the mercy of higher prices
To prices are okay for patients 

From counterfeit increase in NCBs
To originals only; no corruption; affordable treatment; and data impacting society and people

From low quality of healthcare infrastructure
To building diagnostic capabilities; access to quality medicine; and reaching 90.90.90

From treatment not available
To patients receiving available treatments   

From very few people in treatment/care
To sustainable universal health coverage for all; all cancer drugs reimbursed for public 

For Physicians 

From not enough HCPs
To access to healthcare is a right for everyone; enough HCPs, including oncologists

From lack of adequate triage
To early cancer detection 

From poor models of success
To centers of excellence for oncology; a sustainable healthcare system; and high-quality care 

For Future Generations

From poverty as unchanged/worsened
To socioeconomic gap significantly decreased


For Stakeholders

For Ministers of Health

From scarce resources
To adequate resources

For Funders

From mistrust in both directions
To equal partners with a trustful relationship 

From uninformed
To holistic joint solutions and shaping NCD healthcare in SSA together

From lack of data to inform decisions
To deeper understanding of the challenge and solutions 

From lack of collaboration
To co-design and co-fund activities 

From activities not aligned to local needs/low impact
To NGOs and Roche are preferred partners of the governments to solve health issues; joint meetings with government, NGOs, and Roche 

For Roche

For Talent

From distrust in leadership
To believe and trust in leadership 

From not challenging the status quo
To failure accepted as a learning opportunity 

From only following your boss
To employees as change agents 

From “complainer” mindset
To learning culture and solution mindset

From lots of time on MO5/T3/ T/O
To building the future vision and plan ourselves

Our strategic initiatives:

What we will do.


For Society

Home Sweet Home
Stay put.

L’Afrique Innovative
Africa for science.

We’ve Got Your Breast
Health insurance for the rest of us.

With Stakeholders

50% price reduction.
50% diagnosed and treated.
50% patient lives saved.

Sub-regional activities:

  • SSA pathology training, daily business
  • Hepatitis regional guidance plan implementation
  • PT and PDR Support

Moving Healthcare
Increasing access through mobile solutions.

Sub-regional activities:

  • Cancer registry development
  • Medical education hub

Question raised: What is required to succeed locally?

Come together.

Sub-regional activities:

  • SCCA Meeting
  • Stakeholder policy strategy development (Sebastian)  
  • Strategic Partnership activities ACS+PA

Question raised: What might we learn about how to work with partners?

  • BVGH Partnership

Question raised: What else do we need to know about stakeholders?

With Roche

Roche Leads
Lead to grow.

Sub-regional activities:

  • Benefits review
  • Value story material
  • Value story development
  • Business challenge rotation
  • Leadership team development
  • Communication messaging workshop and agency support
  • Media training for Roche SSALT leaders

Question raised: How might we stage and deliver this, and what skills do we need?

Just do it! 


Strategy in Action

We imagined strategic initiatives—campaigns, programs, and projects—that might help us achieve our strategic objectives.

We used Loathe to Love and Name It—Let Go and Make Stuff Drills—to imagine strategic initiatives and explore their potential to drive impact:

For Society
Home Sweet Home
L’Afrique Innovative

We’ve Got Your Breast

With Stakeholders
Moving Healthcare


With Roche
Roche Leads


Telling Our Story

We shifted from talking to drawing to gain a deeper understanding of how we might best operate—and how to tell our story.

We used La Machine—a Make Stuff Drill—to explore what the SSALT might look like as a machine. We considered the key inputs and outputs involved in our system, and how we might operate. 

We used In a Box—a Make Stuff Drill—to explore how we might tell the SSALT Story.



La Machine: Operating Models

In a Box: SSALT Stories


Our 3-Year Plan

We explored what success might look like over the next three years.

We used Milestone Making and Waypoints—Be Bold and Move Fast Drills—to explore how we might measure our progress, creating “When” statements for each area of strategic focus.

We stack-ranked those statements from most useful measure of impact to least.

We then mapped our highest-priority statements onto a three-year timeline, creating milestones for our strategic work.

We dot-voted on those statements for importance to desired impact. 

Numbers appearing in parentheses below indicate the number of votes received.



May ’16