Upcycled & Reinvented 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Reinvent. Upcycling gives used items a better purpose and grants the opportunity to create a world with less waste. Applying upcycling to pressing issues in our society like homelessness, hunger, and fuel gives the potential to make a huge impact with resources that are readily available. How might we adopt advancements in the reuse of materials to inspire our solutions? 



Plug Into Solar Power

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Hello, I'm a smart, solar, delivery device.

SunPort is our flagship product, the world's first smart grid solar delivery device. Instead of making solar energy, SunPort lets you use it by consuming the output of grid connected solar systems: grid energy + solar credits. SunPort does this by automatically matching solar credits to the energy you take from the wall. Just by plugging in, you instantly demand and use 100% solar energy, easily and affordably. SunPort is part of a growing effort to create communication between energy producers (solar farms) and consumers (you). This communication improves renewable power distribution while giving us more choice over the kinds of energy we consume than ever before.



Today's Waste...Tomorrow's Fuel

A Brighter Path to a Sustainable Future

InEnTec® offers the modern world a proven solution to two of its most perplexing challenges: finding new sources of clean fuels for transportation and electricity, and disposing of the millions of tons of waste produced each day in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner. InEnTec is the world leader in advanced systems for waste gasification. Our patented Plasma Enhanced Melter® (PEM®) technology can transform virtually any waste -- municipal, industrial, medical, and hazardous waste -- into clean energy products for transportation fuels, electricity generation and industrial products.  With no combustion or incineration, the PEM is proven, environmentally beneficial, efficient, and cost-effective. 



Grove Grows With You


We're building a product, a movement, and a sustainable future. 

We’re a passionate team of MIT engineers, entrepreneurs & inventors, modern farmers, Harvard biologists, designers, food lovers, and impact-driven problem solvers dedicated to developing technology, products, and experiences that enable more people to grow their own food in productive home ecosystems.

Our core team brings wisdom and experience from SpaceX, Apple, the United States Air Force, the Australian Army, NOLS, GrabCAD, and an ecosystem research farm in West Virginia. Our backgrounds are diverse, but we’re united by a common mission. We're also fortunate to have a group of advisors, partners, and investors who are contributing their wisdom, capabilities, and networks to help us maximize our positive impact.



Eat Beer


We believe we should all be able to have our beer...and it eat it too.

We love beer, but making it is inefficient. ReGrained recovers beer grain from local craft breweries...after they have already taken what they need to brew. Our craft brewery partners use only the highest quality grains to make our favorite beers, but only the sugars from these grains are needed for the beer. We take care of the rest.

Beer grain is flavorful and nutritious, high in protein and fiber, with low glycemic levels. We find it to be an ideal baking ingredient, and create recipes that pair the grain perfectly with other simple, organic ingredients. We delight our customers with healthy and sustainable food products that taste great and feel even better to purchase. 

Beer grain is an ecological and sustainable source of nutrition. By introducing the grain into our food system, our brewery partners reduce the amount that ends up in waste streams while conserving time and money. We seek direct relationships with local farmers and purveyors for our other ingredients, and use our growth to invest in theirs.  Our whole model, from our products to our partners down to our packaging, strives for sustainability wherever possible.



A New Kind Of Standup Desk


Oristand is there when you need it and folds flat when you don’t.

Finally, a stand up desk that’s good for your back, your wallet & our planet. No screws. No assembly. No instructions needed. Ori's simplicity is the result of a lengthy design process focused on getting you all of the functionality with none of the fuss. Ori was designed to keep you and your workspace as flexible as possible. We've made sure to accommodate a wide range of laptops, people, keyboards and desks. Industrial grade cardboard is light, strong and affordable. Not to mention it is 100% recyclable. Meaning you can save some cash and we can save some trees.



Mexico ranks 12th in global plastic consumption, leading to a lot of waste. This startup turns waste into building materials—helping reduce extreme poverty. “This has the potential to grow exponentially,” said González. “The problem of trash is huge in my country. In the whole world, there’s a ton of trash. In the next year, I want to grow the company ten-fold. First, we will concentrate in Mexico, but in 3-5 years, we want to go to other countries. There is poverty everywhere. The world is a house for everyone, and it’s worth it to fight for expanding this business. I will dedicate the rest of my life to this.” EcoDomum does this by collecting plastic, melting it down and shaping it into large panels, and using those panels as the walls and roofs to build insulated houses. Not only does this project have a lot of potential for creating more affordable housing for people living in poverty, but it also may help stimulate the local economy (and clean up the environment) by working directly with trash collectors to pay higher wages in exchange for a constant supply of the raw materials for the EcoDomum plant.



From Studio SWINE


The maritime activity of transforming plastic pollution found at sea into new objects. 

Studio Swine went on a journey of 1000 nautical miles collecting  plastic on the way from Azores to the Canaries through the North Atlantic Gyre with the Solar Extruder; a machine they designed and built which melts and extrudes sea plastic using the Sun.

In the swirling gyre, most of the plastics have broken down into tiny fragments which are spread over massive stretches of the Ocean. Due to their size, they are incredibly difficult to recover in any large quantity making this once disposable material very precious. In the Gyrecraft collection Studio Swine uses sea plastic as a valuable and desirable material reminiscent of turtle shell and corals. The 5 objects represent the 5 major Ocean gyres.



Smart Cap


Because everybody deserves dignity and warmth.

The Sheltersuit Foundation believes in a social society, where people handle their social problems together. We do this by sharing our talents, using smart design, so we can offer people shelter against the elements to create rise for self-esteem, personal development and dignity.

The concept of the Sheltersuit is pretty simple. It is a water repellent and windproof jacket which can be transformed into a full protective body suit. You simply zip on the sleeping bag. The high quality materials that are used make sure any person wearing it will be protected against extreme weather conditions, to make sleeping outside bearable.